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NY State Won’t Pay for my Terrorist Classes

June 17, 2010

So, I was checking my transcript and remaining class schedule in order to receive credit towards my Bank of America card* and I noticed this weird new thing on my class schedules. There are now two extra columns for each class (on top of the usual course name, number, credits, etc) that show you whether or not the class is eligible to be paid for by TAP (the NY state provided financial aid for poor people like me).

I’ve always gotten financial aid, and I’ve always received TAP. I have never seen this before. Strangely, three of my classes are not eligible: History and Civilization of Islam, Arabic 101 and a Research Assistant gig I’m doing for a prof to help out on a article about how the media manipulated Bush’s image into something more positive after 9/11. Strange, isn’t it?

TAP can't handle it.

Apparently these classes don’t meet the TAP requirements because they don’t count towards my degree. What I don’t get is that they are electives, which I need in order to graduate. I need the credits, therefore they count.

Now, you may say that they only pay for everything that counts towards one’s degree except for electives. Ok. So then in that case, why will they pay for Great American Literature? Or Comparative Politics? Or my 6 credit internship? Just seems fishy to me.

Why is it that these potentially controversial classes won’t be covered? I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but…

And so what if students want to take classes that aren’t directly related to their major??? Isn’t the point of a liberal arts degree to be well rounded? What kind of society is NY state trying to produce by letting a poor student study Political Science without letting them focus on the region that interests them and is so pertinent in today’s climate?? Do you really think that a little Arabic or knowledge of the Quran or of the great historic empires of the Caliphate wouldn’t be helpful to somebody who wants to go into global development, human rights, and national security?????

*On a completely unrelated note: If you have credit cards (and if you’re like me you have a whole bunch), then you should really look into any debt protection or credit protection plans they might have. Normally these are benefits that you can activate when something drastic happens in your life that may interfere with your ability to pay your bills. These are usually events like a death in the family, house burning down, etc. My BoA plan includes an option for “Academic Excellence” – so every semester that I get above a 3.6, they pay my minimum payment, the fee for the plan, and my interest for three months. Totally worth the fee. I’m making money off of these suckers. Look into it!

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