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Adventures with Claire 1: Treetops Tarzan-Style

July 1, 2010

What the frick is this “Adventures with Claire” jump-off you ask?

So, in an effort to combat my early-life crisis, I’m attempting to have pseudo-adventures about every few weeks. I’m not exactly of the class that has the means to go to exotic places, or even take off from work. I’ve decided that I won’t let an empty wallet or a busy schedule stand in my way. Life’s too short to save up for plane tickets.

I’m not the New Year’s Resolution type, so in order to stay on target I’m making a commitment to write a series of posts about cheap, easy, fun, and adventurous “vacations.” Most will be day trips, but some might be longer. They might be camping, days in the park, tourist attractions, nearby towns, who knows!?

Maybe this will even serve as a how-to guide for people like me who are busy, and broke, and stressed. There are adventures around every turn!

Starting one course at Catamount

Starting on the blue course "Riptide"

To infinity, and beyond!

Adventure 1: Treetops Tarnzan-Style

What: High-ropes courses

Where: Hillsdale, NY and other facilities across the country

Cost: For this particular location – gas/train money + $46 per person (12 and above)

Claire’s Recommendation: DO IT! Super fun.

On Tuesday I went to a ski resort called Catamount upstate in a town called Hillsdale. In the off-season they have an amazing network of high-ropes courses. They have several courses at 5 levels of difficulty. I did one green, one blue, and one black diamond. I was all rearing to go for the double-black diamond (called “Commando”), but by the end of the single black I was pretty tuckered out.

It was a lot of fun, and at some points very challenging. I’m lucky to not have much fear of heights, but for most people there it’s as much of a mental challenge as physical. Some of the obstacles require serious strategic thinking. I did almost fall at one point. My reflexes caused me to catch my arm on a cable to avoid falling into the harness – and I now have a delicious bruise.

Tickets to the park are $46 for ages 12 and up. It is a flat rate to use all of the courses and facilities (bathrooms, water cooler, hiking trail). Younger children can do courses (but not the more advanced ones) at a discount. There are similar parks that offer cheaper rates.

While there I was pleasantly surprised to run into an old friend I used to party with in the City! Of all places to bump into each other, we met at Catamount in Hillsdale NY. Apparently he works there now!

Bottom line, go do a course here or somewhere else. It’s super fun, and gives us city girls a chance to enjoy the outdoors close to home in an unconventional way.

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