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Adventures with Claire 2: Tanks, Guns, and Kitchy Fun.

July 9, 2010
Military Museum of Southern New England

Every Wednesday night the museum holds a "Flames of War" contest, which allows visitors to battle each other on handcrafted models made weekly by volunteers.

In keeping with my goal to remedy my over-worrying and just live in the moment, I’m sticking to my plan to have semi-regular pseudo-adventures. This one was more spontaneous than the high ropes courses I did about a week ago. I had a few hours to kill, and happened to be in Danbury, CT. I remembered seeing a sign once on the way to the mall that attempted to direct traffic to the military museum. It’s a kitchy half-assed sign, hand-made, so I just HAD to check it out. The Military Museum of Southern New England is actually pretty cool.

Adventure 2: Tanks, Guns, and Kitchy Fun

What: Military museum of Southern New England.

Where: Danbury, CT

Cost: Gas money + $6 for adult admission.

Claire’s Recommendation: Go for it if you’re in the neighborhood.

The museum is actually pretty impressive. They have a large collection of early American, European, and Russian armored cars, uniform items, guns, and lots of other stuff. Most is from WWII, but some is from WWI and Korea (as well as one current uniform). The outside lot is crammed with jeeps, tanks, and an anti-aircraft gun (as well as some wasp nests). The museum is also peppered with these cool little models that obviously took a long time to make.

It’s a neat quaint museum that is definitely worth the $6 ($4 for active duty personnel) if you’re in the Danbury area and have some free time.

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  1. shortman permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:59 am

    will have to check it out! thanks for the info

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