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Currently Reading : War

July 22, 2010

What: “War” by Sebastian JungerWar Book Cover

Why: I work at a movie theater. As a theater employee I get to meet all the writers, directors, actors, and other figures that come in to do Q&As on the movies. We’re currently showing Restrepo, a FANTASTIC Nat-Geo documentary about the “Deadliest Place on Earth,” the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan. Junger and a talented (and SUPER NICE) photographer/videographer named Tim Heatherington spent oodles of time with Battle Company in the valley.

I treated a Marine friend of mine who’s served in Afghanistan to a free movie pass. We were both blown away by the movie.

The next day Junger was in the theater to do a Q&A. He was also signing books. I got one for my friend. Right now I’m hanging onto it so I can finish reading it before officially¬†gifting it. (hehe)

Signed copy of War

Mike will have to wait until I'm finished reading.

First Impressions: I absolutely love the book. It’s beautifully written. I must warn civilian readers that it might be hard to keep up in the first couple of chapters if you’re not familiar with the military world and all the special language that goes along with it. HOWEVER, don’t let that stop you.

I’m a slow reader, yet I’m already half-way through the book in just ONE day. That’s only happened to me a couple times before (The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Ender’s Game, The Wind-up Bird Chronicles, Fight Club).

Truly, it is an enthralling, shocking, gritty, and highly informative piece that complements the movie nicely and reads like a novel. It provides extensive background on the military, the men who served in Battle Company, the Valley, and much more.

It’s good! Go get it!

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