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Adventures with Claire 3: Frolicking and Frolfing

August 9, 2010

Frolf - going for the basket

These metal baskets are the holes

So, I always thought that Nintendo made up frisbee golf for the Wii Sports Resort game. Boy was I wrong. It’s real! And people play it! And they take it seriously!

Adventure 3: Frolicking and FrolfingHole 16

What: Frisbee Golf.

Where: Wickham Park, Manchester, CT

Cost: Gas money + $5 for parking + $2 per rental frisbee..

Claire’s Recommendation: Awesome. An absolute must for those who can do the walk.

Frolf is super fun. Even if you suck (the winner in my group got double the course par), it’s a great opportunity for outdoor adventure. It’s a new experience, demands funny mistakes, and gives you a nice hike all the way around the park as you play the course.

Some holes are out in open fields, some in wooded areas, and on varied grades of hill. At some points you may find your calves burning. If you’re like me and end up throwing into the bushes a lot, then you’ll probably want to check for ticks when you get home.

Chinese Red Golden Pheasant

Red Golden Pheasant, native to Central China.

In the middle of the course there’s also a chance to walk through Wickham Park’s aviary, which is really cool. At first I felt a little sad for the birds, but they’re all either non-flying types, or have been injured and can’t survive on their own. There are some really cool pheasants (like REALLY cool), a horned owl, some red tail hawks, some vultures, etc. Really nifty – and there’s a little stand where you can get some refreshments before continuing the course.

It’s a great way to spend a nice day.

Remember to bring some water and maybe some snacks. Especially if it’s hot out. It took my group of four a couple of hours to get through the course, and there are some steep hills at one point.

Also, the park only seems to rent midrange frisbees (no drivers, and no putters), which makes the game a bit longer and more difficult. If you feel that seriously about it, you should go ahead and bring your own frisbees. The pros carry messenger bags full of them (I saw one guy carrying at least 6).

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