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Confessions of a Freaked Out College Senior: Final

January 8, 2011

Hello! It’s been SUCH a long time!! I’ve been very busy with:



2) Launching a new political blog site Workhorse Politics, powered by

So, what’s life like a couple weeks after finishing school? Weird!! Somebody asked me the other day, “Where did you go to school?” Past tense. It was shocking to me.

Right now I’m working a job, a nice job, but not one I want. I’m applying for fellowships, planning an awesome vacation, and generally happy. It’s a little strange not to have homework, but I feel like I’m basically assigning it for myself – so I’m still stressed and busy. I decided to launch Workhorse so that I can always say I’m doing something with my Political Science degree, instead of just selling rugs (my job). It’s really becoming a time-suck. But I’m happy about it. We got about 100 unique visitors in the first week, which I think is pretty awesome! 🙂

Long term, I’m looking into law schools, planning to move around a little, and generally optimistic, though not on any particularly clear path. In my experience, paths become overgrown before you reach your destination anyway. As the Yiddish saying goes: Man plans, God laughs.

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